News In the Lab

Translocation experiment at Thousand Island Lake

In January, 2018 we did some exploratory fieldwork in Thousand Island Lake, Zhejiang Province, one of Chinese’s premier studies of habitat fragmentation. Eben Goodale, Demeng Jiang, Salindra Dayananda and Estelle Meaux tested successfully whether the Grey-cheeked Fulvetta (shown here with a radiotransmitter on its back), the leading species of mixed-species flocks in the area, could be moved to a new island. In the future, we hope this system could be used to measure how important leading species are to other flock participants.


Dec 15, 2017.  Congrats to our two 2016 MSc students who successfully defended their proposals.  HE Chao presented “Levels of heavy metals in a zinc and lead mining region of southern China: levels of target and nontarget metals (mercury and cadmium) across trophic levels”, and XIE Qiao presented “The effect of noise on bird nestlings’ vocal behaviors and predation risk”.