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New in the Lab:  September 2018

New Students 2018It is the beginning of a new academic year and many new students joined our group: Kamal Raj Gosai (Ph.D. student), Supun Galappaththi, Tan Xiaocai, Li Cheng, Chen Youfang and Guan Zhuoli (Master students), and finally Emily Anderson (visiting student).
You can find more information for each of them in the People section. More >>


New Students 2018新学年度开始了,我们研究组迎来了一些新的小伙伴,其中有博士生Kamal Raj Gosai,硕士生Supun Galappaththi、谭筱彩、李成、陈有芳和管卓力, 访问学生Emily Anderson。更多信息见“研究人员”界面:
http://www.animal-ecology-guangxi.com/zh-hans/content/。 更多>>

Welcome to the Behavioral & Community Ecology, Conservation Biology Group, College of Forestry, University of Guangxi!

We are interested in studying aspects of animal behavior and community ecology that have implications for conservation, especially for tropical and subtropical China.


The Behavioral and Community Ecology, Conservation Biology Group is excited to offer opportunities for three-year MSc or PhD projects. This year we are particularly interested in recruiting students who are interested in conservation biology and would like to work on one of the projects offered by Associate Prof. Christos Mammides

Dr. Mammides is interested in studying the mechanisms by which anthropogenic activities affect biodiversity, and in exploring the socio-economic factors that drive those activities. Dr. Mammides is also interested in quantifying the effectiveness of the various types of protected areas, and in assessing the effects of those areas on local peoples’ livelihoods.

Applicants should contact Dr. Mammides (cmammides@outlook.com), before January the 15th, 2018, attaching a CV, a short project proposal (<750 words), and the e-mail addresses of three references. Review of the applications will begin immediately.


Eben Goodale
Professor, PI, Behavioral and Community Ecology, Conservation Biology
Office 519, College of Forestry, Guangxi University,
No. 100 Daxue Road, Nanning, Guangxi 530005, People’s Republic of China
E-mail: eben.goodale@outlook.com 
Cell phone: (+86) 18174128262

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由于我们的成员来自世界各地,并和其他学者们保持有良好的合作交流,因此我们可以为研究生们提供良好的国际氛围。与此同时,我们立足广西,优先开展对中国生物多样性保护有意义的项目。主要学术语言为英语, 申请人在入学前需要获得学士或硕士学位,具有野外工作和物种识别经验者优先。申请人需要有优良的品质和良好的合作精神,已有文章发表者优先。同样希望申请者能扩展我们的研究兴趣,能结合共同的研究背景去开展研究项目。请感兴趣的同学与相近的兴趣老师联系,随信附上简历及3位推荐人的E-mail。招聘将于近期启动,事先联系并讨论研究生期间工作者将优先录取。


​Eben Goodale (高德)教授/研究组组长
广西南宁市大学路100号广西大学林学院519室。 邮编:530005.
电邮: eben.goodale@outlook.com 
手机: 18174128262

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Our lab group in the beginning of September 2017 -- 2017年初我们实验组
2017年初我们实验组 -- Our lab group in the beginning of September 2017

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